Next OEG Board Meeting: June 13, 2024 (via Zoom).

About OEG

The Ohio Energy Group (OEG) was formed in 2003 by large energy-intensive utility customers in Ohio. Current OEG membership consists of 28 companies, including several Fortune 50 companies. These members are bound together by common energy goals, the foremost of which is securing reliable utility service at competitive rates.

The purposes of OEG are:

  1. To intervene in proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Supreme Court of Ohio, and, occasionally, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in order to advance the interests of OEG members.
  2. To negotiate with utilities and energy providers on behalf of OEG members.
  3. To monitor and analyze energy legislation coming before the Ohio General Assembly and to educate members as to the potential effect of such legislation on their energy costs and service reliability.
  4. To assist OEG members in lobbying legislators on an “ad hoc” basis, as requested by the members.
  5. To educate members on Ohio energy issues through regular memos, conference calls, and membership meetings, and as requested, through special purpose meetings.
  6. To offer legal services when members wish to participate individually in state or federal proceedings.


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